The following initial proposals were presented to the CEC negotiations team on August 5, 2021. Below you will find our overview of the proposals, as well as the language itself. In the margins, you will find brief notes explaining the intent of the change. Directly below, you will find the coordinator demands passed at our final demand-setting meeting in April that these proposals were written to address following our consultation processes with faculty across the province.


  • Ensure that all faculty workload is accurately recorded
  • Ensure that all academic work is performed by faculty who are employees of that College
  • “Clarify coordinator role, including but not limited to the selection process for coordinators, preference for full time faculty, time allocated, salary steps, and equity, including coordinator duties for counsellors and librarians”
  • Strengthen language to ensure equity, diversity, and inclusion of equity-seeking groups in hiring, retention, advancement, workload, and compensation


Coordinators are vital to the success of college programming and services. Coordinators work collaboratively with virtually every department in the college to ensure student success. They are the link between college administration and the frontline. Coordinators play a central role in building a future together.  Yet we have heard from coordinators across the province that Colleges have paid little attention to formalizing their roles and responsibilities.  In some colleges, we were alarmed to learn that this academic leadership responsibility is being assigned to non-academic staff. Faculty are frustrated by the lack of clarity around roles and responsibilities, hours allotted and compensation for coordinator duties. This frustration and lack of clarity have led to high rates of turnover.


The lack of academic leadership in hiring practices erodes the quality of education we provide our students. In fact, many colleges struggle to find faculty members willing to coordinate because of the lack of transparency and increasing hidden workload demands when it comes to coordinator appointments and duties. The language we are proposing will ensure transparency and equity for the assignment of coordinator duties, compensation and the appointment process. Coordinators provide academic leadership in courses, programs and services to ensure student success. This language acknowledges the value of coordinators in the college system.

To view the full proposed language changes that were tabled, along with explanatory notes, please download the printable PDF version here.

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