Call Your MPP!

Ask them to take action to get the College Employer Council back to the bargaining table with a fair offer.

More than 220,000 full-time and 300,000 part-time students are not in class, and faculty are still on the picket line. It’s time for the Council to do the right thing, get serious, and get back to bargaining a fair contract that puts students and quality education first.

A Walmart education system is not good for students, and not good for faculty. We need a fair ratio of contract faculty to permanent, full-time staff. We cannot allow administrators with little or no understanding of course curriculum to be the sole decision-makers about how courses are delivered. It’s time to fix the college system, which is exploiting underpaid contract workers who have no job security beyond one semester.

Ask your MPP to take a stand, and push the provincial government to get the Council back to the bargaining table.

Take action now!