Have faculty gained anything from striking?


Yes. Each time faculty have struck they have made important gains that have clearly improved working conditions and the quality of college education.

In 1984, after being legislated back to work and having outstanding issues referred to arbitration, faculty won the Workload Formula and the Standard Workload Form (SWF).  Before the SWF full-time faculty could be assigned up to 26 teaching contact hours (TCH) each semester.

In the 1989 strike, the parties agreed to refer matters to arbitration and faculty defended against management’s attempt to remove the SWF, won more time for complementary functions, and won comprehensive layoff protection language.

In the 2006 strike, again after agreeing to refer outstanding issues to arbitration, faculty made significant gains in salary that put us closer to the mid-range of our comparator groups (high school teachers and university faculty), as well as expanded benefits for partial load professors.