How are bargaining demands created?


Demands were generated through local demand set meetings held at all 24 faculty locals.  Each local then sent their top ten demands to the bargaining team so they could be included in the provincial demand set book.

Each academic local sent delegates to the provincial demand set meeting, held on March 4 and 5, 2017, in Toronto. In the past, individual bargaining demands passed at one of the 24 local demand-set meetings would be brought to the floor at the provincial meeting. However, this year the bargaining team took a different approach in order to focus our demands and ensure that all faculty groups are represented. The team aggregated all of the local demands received into 10 global demands, three demands that address the issues of librarians and counselors, and three demands that address the issues of partial load faculty

Delegates at the provincial meeting then chose to move and debate the bargaining team demands. All 16 of these demands were passed by the delegates at the meeting. These demands are the initial demandsset by the provincial CAAT-A bargaining team and may be altered as bargaining progresses.