How is an agreement reached?


At any time during the bargaining process the parties can reach a tentative agreement. If the team feels like there is a suitable agreement, they will consult with two groups – the local presidents and the Bargaining Advisory Committee (BAC).  All 24 local presidents are part of the first consultative group, and they will all have the ability to give feedback on the proposed contract.  In addition, the 24 elected members of the BAC and eight appointed partial load members will be able to see the full language of any proposed agreement.

The bargaining team alone will make the final decision on any settlement and the team may accept or reject the feedback from the BAC or Presidents. If the CAAT-A bargaining team recommends acceptance of a negotiated tentative agreement, a ratification vote is held for members to accept or decline the agreement. This vote can be at any time when requested by the CAAT-A bargaining team, and is scheduled by the Ontario Labour Relations Board.