How much is strike pay?




Under OPSEU policy, strike pay is provided to members who complete strike-related duties assigned by their local strike committee. Only signed-up members are eligible to receive strike pay. Strike pay is not taxable.

Delegates at the 2016 OPSEU Convention voted for a substantial increase in strike pay.

During weeks one to three, each member is entitled to strike pay of $40 per day (or $200 per week). Each dependant is entitled to $10 per day (or $50 per week).

During the fourth week, strike pay increases and each member is entitled to $60 per day (or $300 per week). Dependant pay remains the same at $50 per week.

A dependant is defined as:

  • a non-income-earning spouse (excluding a spouse on strike);

  • a child under 18 (or under 26 if attending school full-time) OR a dependant child as defined by the collective agreement or benefit plan;

  • a disabled family member; or

  • an elderly family member who normally receives financial support from the striking member.

If both spouses are on strike, both may claim the dependants.