SWF – Standard Workload Formula

The SWF (“swiff“, stands for Standard Workload Formula), is a document that is used to calculate workload (Article 11 of the Collective Agreement) for full-time teaching faculty. SWFs are usually given out once per term, at least 6 weeks prior to the start of the following term (vacation days and holidays don’t count). Prior to SWFs being issued, managers are required to have a conversation with each faculty member to discuss possible workloads for the upcoming term. Once you receive your SWF, you have 5 working days to contest any matters related to your SWF. Once 5 days have passed, you are deemed to be in agreement with the assignment on the SWF.

Revised SWFs may be issued in certain circumstances, even after the SWF deadline. However, a discussion must still occur prior to the revision of a SWF. If you are not in agreement with the revised SWF, ensure to make a note within 5 days of receiving it.

You may find the following documents helpful in understanding your SWF:

If you have any questions related to workload or your SWF, please reach out to your local.