What are our top demands?


Coming out of the provincial demand set meeting, the global demands were:

  1. Establish academic freedom and collegial governance.

  2. Improve the salary grids and wages to better our position in relation to our comparator groups and to account for inflation.

  3. Improve job security, complement, and layoff language.

  4. Improve workload factors to provide adequate time for academic work.

  5. Prevent the contracting out, privatization, or outsourcing of faculty work in whole or in part.

  6. Improve workload language to ensure that all faculty work is recorded on the SWF and that volunteerism is eliminated

  7. Strengthen intellectual property rights.

  8. Improved benefit coverage for all faculty.

  9. Improve language for replacement and consideration.

  10. Strengthen language to improve union representation of members working inside and outside the Province of Ontario

Demands for counselors and librarians included a workload formula, workload and caseload limits for counsellors and creating a ratio of librarians and counsellors to number of students.

The top demands for partial load were for greater job security and parity in workload calculation between full time and partial load and to record and compensate total partial-load workload.