What do faculty want?


Faculty have tabled proposals to improve education quality for students and make work fairer for faculty, including contract faculty. We are calling for:

  • More full-time faculty to teach students. This is the only way to ensure that students have access to professors inside and outside of class, that students have consistent professors who can act as job references, and that there is stability in our programs to better deliver learning to students. In the last decade, the number of students has gone up much faster than the number of full-time faculty.

  • Greater faculty and student input into academic decision-making. We are calling for the creation of an “academic senate” that includes both student and faculty representatives.  This would give faculty and students a defined role in making decisions around the education colleges deliver.

  • Enough counsellors for students and an end to outsourcing of mental health services so that colleges can adequately meet the mental health needs of students.

  • Job security and better working conditions for contract faculty. Currently, contract faculty need to reapply to teach every semester. They never know for sure if they will even have a job next semester.

  • “Equal pay for equal work” for contract faculty. Contract faculty are not paid to prepare courses, correct assignments, or offer out-of-class support to students. Most of them have to work several part-time jobs to make ends meet. We want to ensure that contract faculty are fairly paid for the work they do.