What is the bargaining process?


The faculty and employer bargaining teams will agree on dates to bargain during the 90 day period.  At the first meeting each side presents their bargaining package, with non-monetary items generally presented and discussed first. The teams continue to meet on agreed-on dates until either an agreement is reached or bargaining breaks down.

During bargaining, agreed-on items are decided and taken off the table.  Items with no agreement are further clarified, with evidence and data provided by both sides to substantiate their positions. Throughout this process the faculty bargaining team is supported by an OPSEU negotiator, researcher, communications officer, and legal experts.

As bargaining progresses the faculty team will send out regular communications to members about the key issues on the table and the progress of negotiations. The CAAT-A Divisional Executive (DivEx) will also remain active throughout, and will help the bargaining team with member communications.