What is the local hardship relief committee?


This is a sub-committee of the local strike committee that assists and provides advice to members who may require additional help to get through the strike.

The local hardship relief committee is funded by the donations it is able to collect – it is not funded by OPSEU centrally. The committee may make recommendations to the local strike committee that some members, who are experiencing particular hardship, receive special assistance. Committee members may also communicate with local financial institutions about the strike and, where necessary, intercede with those financial institutions to help striking members meet their credit obligations until the strike is over.

Please note that the normal hardships of being on strike do not qualify a member for hardship relief. To qualify, a member must first exhaust all other reasonable options.

All members are strongly encouraged to continue to plan their personal finances. Contact your bank, credit union, your landlord, your daycare provider, etc., to discuss payment options. The earlier you make a plan, the better prepared you will be.