When does bargaining start?


Article 36-Duration of Collective Agreement and the Colleges Collective Bargaining Act (CCBA) dictates the timelines for bargaining. Either party to a collective agreement may give written notice to the other party, within the period of 90 days before the agreement expires, of its desire to negotiate with the view to the renewal, with or without modification, of the agreement then in operation [from CCBA-2008, c. 15, s. 3 (2)].The current CA expires on September 30. As Monday, July 3 is a holiday, July 4 is the first day that formal bargaining may begin.

The parties shall meet within 30 days after the giving of the notice under section 3, and shall negotiate in good faith and make every reasonable effort to make a collective agreement or to renew the collective agreement, as the case requires.  [from CCBA-2008, c. 15, s. 4.]