Will I receive strike pay?


All faculty who are OPSEU members in good standing (have signed a union card), and who participate in picketing, are eligible to receive strike pay. The amount of strike pay given by OPSEU follows:

During weeks one to three, each member is entitled to strike pay of $200 per week plus an additional $50 per week per dependant. The daily rate is $40 per day and $10 per day per dependant.

During the fourth week, strike pay increases and each member is entitled to $300 per week, or $60 per day. Dependant pay remains the same at $50 per week per dependant. A dependant is defined as:

  • a non-income-earning spouse (excluding a spouse on strike);

  • a child under 18 (or under 26 if attending school full-time) or a dependent child as defined by the collective agreement or benefit plan;

  • a disabled family member; or

  • an elderly family member who normally receives financial support from the striking member.

If both spouses are on strike, both may claim the dependants.

In addition to what OPSEU gives to members for strike pay, your local may also give a weekly top-up amount. To find out about local strike pay, contact your Local Executive.