College Faculty (CAAT-A) Divisional Executive, Committee Members and Alternates

CAAT-A Divisional Executive (DivEx)

The Divisional Executive is the governing body for Academic employees of OPSEU. The Divisional Executive meeting is made up of delegates from each of the Community Colleges using the formula found in the OPSEU Constitution.

Its responsibilities are to:

  • promote quality public education
  • monitor and enforce the Collective Agreement
  • identify and act on issues pertaining to post-secondary education
  • lobby organizations and governments on issues pertaining to post-secondary education
  • develop and recommend policy to the OPSEU Executive Board
  • liaise with student, education and labour organizations
  • run demand setting meetings
  • oversee the committees of the Division

The purpose of the Executive is to conduct the business of the Division between Divisional meetings. It shall take the necessary actions and decisions to ensure that the Division, its committees and the locals operate within the constitution, bylaws and decisions of the Division and OPSEU. The Executive consists of five persons elected by the Division. The chair and vice-chair are elected by the division.

The responsibilities of the Divisional Executive are as follows:

  • provide support and leadership to locals within the Division
  • consult with the locals to give and to seek advice and direction
  • communicate regularly with locals
  • facilitate communications between locals
  • organize in conjunction with OPSEU administration and Staff the Pre-Bargaining Conference
  • coordinate local demand setting and final demand setting
  • act as the OPSEU representatives to the Employer Employee Relations Committee (EERC)
  • implement the decisions of the Division
  • review draft local agreements and provide recommendations to the OPSEU President in a timely manner
  • appoint ad hoc committees for specific purposes
  • maintain and distribute the contact lists for Workload Monitoring Group co-chair and designated Health and Safety co-chairs
  • distribute approved minutes of meetings from the Divisional Executive, EERC and Divisional Meetings
  • select the retiree representative and retiree alternate to the CAAT Pension Plan Board of Trustees

DivEx Members

Jonathan Singer, L560, Chair

Josée St-Jean, Local 673, Vice-Chair

Kevin MacKay, L240, member

Robert Montgomery, L655, member

Josée St-Jean, L673, member

Rebecca Ward, L732, member

Contact the executive members at




  • Heather Petrie, CAAT-A Supervisor, Negotiations
  • Kathleen Flynn, Negotiator
  • Manzur Malik, Research Officer
  • Tina Faibish, Campaigns Officer
  • Justin Stayshyn, Communications Officer


Employer Employee Relations Committee (EERC)

The Employer Employee Relations Committee (EERC) is made up of the five members of the Divisional Executive and management members appointed by council from either the council or the colleges. Terms of reference are detailed in Article 903 of the collective agreement.

The duties of the EERC are as follows:

to facilitate communications between management and union at the provincial level
to preclude and resolve common problems during the life of the agreement
to permit both parties to enter negotiations with much of the groundwork completed


Canadian Association of University Teachers (CAUT)

OPSEU/SEFPO elects two delegates to represent and promote the colleges at CAUT and to actively participate in CAUT activities.

Committee Members Local Terms
CAUT Morriseau, Kara-Anne 732 2022-24
CAUT Kevin MacKay 240 2022-26



Collective Bargaining Information Services (CBIS)

This is an advisory committee made up of the union (OPSEU) and management (the Council) to assist in the gathering and analyzing of data for collective bargaining purposes.

Committee Members Local Terms
CBIS Darryl Bedford 110 2022-24
CBIS Martin Lee 415 2022-26


Health and Safety Co-ordinating Committee

This is a provincial committee that addresses health and safety across the province by coordinating the work of Local Health & Safety committees through a discussion forum.

Committee Members Local Terms
H&S Chad Croteau 110 2022-24
H&S Laurie Georgopoulos 560 2022-26



Joint Education Qualifications Committee (JEQS)

Committee Members Local Terms
JEQS Michelle Arbour 125 2022-24
JEQS Pearline Lung 562 2022-26
JEQS Elisabeth Von Moos 415 2022-26


Joint Grievance Scheduling Committee (JGSC)

The Grievance Scheduling Committee consists of representatives of the council and the union which meet monthly to schedule grievances for arbitration. The committee frequently makes recommendations in an attempt to streamline scheduling. Guidelines for Grievances and Arbitrations in the College System

This document is intended to provide an overview of the grievance and arbitration process in the college system and how the joint Grievance Scheduling Committee (JGSC) schedules arbitration hearings.

Committee Members Local Terms
JGSC Martin Lee 415 2022-24
JGSC Gillian Axten 417 2022-26
JGSC Ravi Ramkissoonsingh 242 2022-26

JGSC Documentation



Joint Insurance Committee (JIC)

This committee facilitates communication between the union (OPSEU) and management (the Council) on the subject of group insurance and negotiated benefits. For issues of the “Benefits You” Newsletter and information about appealing a benefit claim, please click here. CAAT Academic Joint Insurance Committee.

Committee Members Local Terms
JIC Henry Lowi 562 2022-24
JIC Maria Vasilodimitakis 560 2022-24
JIC Landyn Blais 415 2022-26
JIC Heather Giardine-Tuck 240 2022-26


Pension Sponsor

The CAAT Pension Plan serves the employees of Ontario’s Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology, providing Members with retirement income for life, calculated on their earnings and years of service.

For complete information go to the CAAT Pension Plan website at

There are two trustees with the legal title to and fiduciary obligation for the assets of the plan. The sponsor is an individual elected by the division to participate in the operation of the pension plan

Committee Members Local Terms
Pension Sponsor Shawn Pentecost 415 2022-25
Pension Trustee Donald Smith 350 2022-25
Pension Trustee Audrey Wubbenhorst 562 2022-25



Sick Leave Buyout

This committee is made up of the union (OPSEU) and management (the Council) to allow individuals hired prior to 1991 to buy out their sick leave plan prior to termination or retirement.

Committee Members Local Terms
Sick Leave Buyout Susan Ehlert 242 2022-24
Sick Leave Buyout Darryl Bedford 110 2022-26


Local Legal Coordinator

Committee Members Local Terms
LLC Pearline Lung 562 2022-24
LLC Michelle Arbour (subject to approval) 125 2022-24