Service Credits

What are Service Credits?

Service Credits are a measure of a partial-load (PL) faculty’s seniority at a specific college. The service credits that you accumulate are not department- or program-specific; they are college-specific. In other words, it doesn’t matter which program or department you were teaching in when you earned the service credits; it all adds to the same pool. Service credits are not transferrable to other Ontario colleges.

Learn more about service credits in this quick tutorial (PDF).

What are service credits used for?

There are 2 important roles for service credits:

  • Hiring priority on the PL Registry: faculty with higher service credits have priority for PL contracts
  • Step (pay) increase: Every 10 service credits, you are eligible for a step increase.

How are service credits earned?

Service credits are earned based on the number of months where a PL faculty has taught 30+ hours in the calendar month.

  • Prior to Oct 1, 2017: Faculty accumulate 5 months of service for every calendar month in which you have taught 30 hours or more.
  • Oct 1, 2017 and after: Faculty accumulate 1 month of service for every calendar month in which you have taught 30 hours or more.

Who is responsible for keeping track of service credits?

Every January, your college publishes an updated list of every PL faculty’s seniority (service credit). The onus is on faculty to ensure the accuracy of the record. Therefore, we recommend that every PL faculty keep track of their service credits. You may find the following grid chart helpful in keeping track of your service hours.